Demand for registered nurses increasing

Written on:January 31, 2013
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Thumbs up for nurse hiring reportA recent report by a national business intelligence firm indicates that demand for registered nurses increased significantly in December 2012.  The report by WANTED Analytics™ notes that the 156,000 registered nurse job ads posted in December 2012 represent a 20% increase over the number of registered nurse job ads posted in December 2011.

As is to be expected there are wide regional differences in the nurse job market.  The top three cities where nurses are in very high demand and recruiters are finding it very difficult to fill open nursing jobs are Fairbanks (Alaska), Midland (Texas) and Flagstaff (Arizona).  Nurses willing to work in those cities should have no problem finding a nursing job.  At the same time, the top three easiest places for recruiters to hire nurses are Bloomington (Indiana), Johnstown (Pennsylvania), and Muncie (Indiana).  Nurses seeking jobs in those cities may find it takes longer to find a nursing job.


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